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Gemini Products Guarantee

When properly installed, Gemini Letters and Plaques are guaranteed for the life of the building they were originally put on.

Plastic Letters and Logos
If any letters break or fade, Gemini will replace the defective letters for free. Exterior letters will get dirty and varied climatic conditions may impact the letter finish and some regular cleaning may be required. A good dish soap and water will help return the letters to their original luster.

Metal Letters and Plaques ( Channel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Cast Metal Letters and Plaques )
Should any metal letter finish fade or corrode, Gemini will refinish at no charge. Some metal finishes do require regular maintenance to keep their original luster. Painted, satin and polished letters are clear coated with a hardened polyurethane, similar to your car finish. This can be cleaned with a good dish soap and water. If the face gets scratched, a good car polish will also help bring back the original luster. Painted metal letters are double coated with a hardened acrylic polyurethane, and then oven baked. This paint should retain its original luster and not crack for at least 10-15 years.

All Other Letters ( Display, Laminated, Foam, Gatorfoam, GemLeaf, Giclee, Faux Metal Finish, Gold Leaf and Wood )
All display letters are covered with an interior-use-only Lifetime Guarantee.

Mounting Hardware & Accessories
Guaranteed to be free of manufacturer defects for a period of 1 yr.