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Etched Stainless Steel


ETCHING: The chemical etching process allows us to reproduce even the most complex artwork onto the surface of your choice of Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze or Copper.

ALUMINUM ENGRAVING: Laser engraved anodized premium 1/4" aluminum 5052 alloy. Your selected anodized color is embedded into the aluminum according to ANSI specifications and your artwork is laser engraved  thousandths of an inch deep onto the surface to provided contrast. No paint filling or photo engraving available.

GRANITE ENGRAVING: Laser engraved polished black granite. Choose from 11 standard shapes and sizes. Maximum single piece size of 18" x 24".


etch and engraved plaques finishes



Etched Portrait

The etching process allows you to forever replicate your photograph, line drawing or complex artwork. This method utilizes a halftone dot pattern made from a 50-line screen. Halftone portraits resemble newspaper photographs, and have visible dot patterns. The etched, recessed dots are black ink filled to contrast with the satin finished metal background. The best photographs for halftone etched portraits have high contrast tones with bright white areas, dense black areas and minimal grey tones. Photos that are monotone or have muted colors will produce poor halftone etchings. Halftone etchings are available in stainless steel, bronze, brass and copper.


Plaques Mounting Options

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