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Gemini FORMED PLASTIC Sign Letters

Gemini FORMED PLASTIC Sign Letters

  • BrandsGemini
  • Product Code: FORMED
  • Production: Made to Order in 12-14 business days from art approval

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  • Starts at $16.10

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Formed Plastic Letter Styles

Formed Plastic Letter Styles

Formed Plastic Letter Styles

Formed Plastic Letter Styles

Formed Plastic Letter Colors

Formed Plastic Letters Mounting Options

Spacing Guide

Spacing Guide:

A visual reference guide, typically used for pad mounted letters. The letters in a specific copy are spelled out and properly spaced on a long pattern table or computer generated. A narrow (approximately 2") piece of paper contains hash marks or plotted lower portions of the letters. Guide is secured to the wall with tape, by the installer, and provides a visual guide for installing letters.

Rigid Stencil Guides

Rigid Stencil Guide:

A computer generated, full size cutout, designed for smaller letters, logos or bars. Typically used to install double face tape letters. Guide is taped to wall, letters are set inside cutout and adhered to wall. In some cases where this method will not work a rigid split stencil will be provided instead. Rigid split stencils is a computer generated, partial cutout of bottom portion of the letters above the baseline, plus 2" below the baseline that provides a perfect way to install plain, pad or double face tape flat cut out letters. This split stencil is produced using the same file we use to produce your letters. Gemini layout team will determine if Stencil or Split Stencil is best for your order.

Stud Mount Drill Pattern

Stud Mount Drill Pattern:

Computer generated tracing of letters with hand punched hole locations of studs, printed on 60# white grid paper. Once taped to wall, hole locations are then drilled and filled with adhesive.

Gemini Formed Plastic Sign Letters

Outdoor & Indoor Use

  • Price includes stud, pad, combination or combination all mount and installation pattern / stencil
  • 46 Standard colors plus 2 premium finishes. Custom painted color matching available at additional cost.
  • Light enough to be installed without drilling into sign face.
  • Same great look in small or large sizes.
  • UV Stable. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors.
  • Made from "Green" earth friendly plastic and completely recyclable.
  • Lifetime Guarantee. Click for Details

* Painted Metallic Colors that are not full gloss.

How To Order:

  • Price includes stud, pad, combination or combination all mount and installation pattern / stencil
  • Select Letter/Font Style
  • Select Letter Height (Upper Case)
  • Select Letter Color/Finish
  • Select Mounting Method that works best for your application
  • Type your Sign Copy, as it will appear when installed, in the text window
  • Click Add To Cart button to add your selection to your shopping cart

# Installation Patterns Included with Each Order

Do You Have a Custom Project? Contact Us for a Quote

Gemini Custom Formed Plastic Letters & Logos

Submit artwork with the following information:

  • Vector based art is required
  • Size of the finished logo or letters
  • PMS colors, standard painted or pigmented colors
  • Material type / thickness
  • Mounting method


Gemini Lifetime Guarantee

Gemini guarantees all of its plastic, acrylic, metal letters and plaques for life.
This means that should a letter fade, break, or contain any defect, Gemini will refinish or replace the defective materials at no cost to you, as long as the letters are installed on their original location. Click for more details.

Gemini Low Prices

Gemini can offer the lowest prices
By controlling material costs through bulk purchases of raw materials and by manufacturing many of the sheet, hardware and other materials used to produce your sign products. Through recycling, combining thousands of orders and utilizing the latest technology, Gemini can manufacture superior products at much lower costs than other local suppliers.

Gemini Quick Production & Delivery

Fast order production and shipping
With Gemini's seven regional locations and state-of-the-art manufacturing and communications equipment, Gemini can produce your order in just a matter of days. Gemini can meet your timetable for your signage needs.

Gemini Committed to Green manufacturing

Gemini is fully immersed in green manufacturing
Changing all lighting, heating and coating systems to the latest green technology that uses less power and emits much less into the water, air and solid waste streams. Gemini also has patented several technologies, including a new water recovery process for waterjets, that helps Gemini manufacture in an earth friendly manner.