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Architectural Plaques

Plaques produced using a high-speed machining process on sheets of metal in varying thicknesses.

Cast Plaques

Cast plaques are made using a traditional sand casting process that uses molten metal without any pressure. Gemini’s cast plaques offer greater depth and dimension than architectural plaques.


The color of a letter is created using a pigmented plastic or paint. Gemini has many standard pigments and paints and also matches color upon request.


The measurement from the face of the letter to the back.


The overall height and width of a letter. This is useful to know when establishing the length of a given set of letters.

Letter Dimensions

Dimensional Letters

Letters, logos or symbols, either cut out, cast, molded or fabricated in a material such as metal or plastic to create a raised condition.

Display Letters

Letters specifically designed for interior use.

End User/Consumer

The person or business that ultimately purchases the sign. This includes hospitals, governments, convenience stores and retail shops. 

Etched Plaques

Plaques produced using a process in which letters and images are applied to the surface using chemical corrosion.

Fabricated Letters

Custom dimensional metal letters constructed using a thin metal that has been cut, shaped and soldered on the inside to produce a deep, hollow product.


The final surface treatment of the face of a letter. For example, metal letters are available in finishes including brushed, buffed, anodized or painted.

Flat Cut Letters

Acrylic letters that are cut from sheets of acrylic using a laser.


The individual typestyle of a letter. Times, Helvetica and Futura are all standard fonts available from Gemini.

Illuminated Letters

Letters that have a light source that illuminates them. Neon and LED (light-emitting diodes) are the most common lighting methods.

Injection Molded

Precision-made tools are loaded into an injection-molding hydraulic press. Granular plastic is heated and forced through a hat cylinder, then injected into the closed mold.

Laser Cut Metal Letters

Letters that are cut out of a sheet of metal using a laser, per custom art supplied or using Gemini’s standard letter fonts.


The material used to make the letter or logo. Gemini cuts letters from sheets of acrylic, bronze, aluminum, brass, etc.

Minnesota Letters

Gemini’s line of injection molded letters.

Mounting Method

Any of various methods used to install a plaque or a set of letters to a surface. Different methods are used depending on the size, thickness and weight of the letters, and the type of installation surface.

Product Family

Product families are grouped by material. Gemini product families include plastic, metal, illuminated, display, plaques and sign components.

Sign Professional

Someone who works in the signage, graphics, recognition or award industries.


The height of a letter. In a specific typestyle, lowercase letters are slightly smaller than uppercase letters.


The design used in lettering to make character sets or signs.

Vacuum-formed Letters

Sheets of plastic are heated until malleable enough to be draped over molds on a vacuum table. Suction is then applied until the sheet of plastic has taken the contour of the mold placed beneath it. Letters are then cut from the sheets.

Water Jet Cut Metal Letters

Letters that are cut out of a sheet of metal, per custom art supplied or using Gemini’s standard letter fonts. The water jet cuts metal with a 50,000 PSI stream of water that carries garnet, an abrasive mineral that actually does the cutting as it shoots through the small nozzle on the machine.